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321 Blastoff & Sea Horse Review

Posted by Edie Lavender on
321 Blastoff & Sea Horse Review

Normally, I don’t do things like I did yesterday. I didn’t anticipate what was going to happen. I had an idea. I wanted to write something about love and sex and this brand new product by Lovey Productions. These products are touted as being the perfect g-spot and p-spot (prostate) massagers. Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s in Hollywood and going to clubs, partying… I was always exposed to things sexual or erotic like what a lot of us wore- just hanging out with each other or going out dancing. The sexy bartenders, the magazines in all the liquor stores. 

So, when I went to write a review on these specialty sex toys, respectively the Sea Horse and 321 Blastoff – I felt I needed inspiration. This has not been my life, my life had become white bread, being a mom, white picket fences. I googled images of love and sexuality. Using the word ‘love’ in the search terms was important to me. I get that there is much stronger stuff out there in the internet sex world, lots and lots of stuff. 

I wanted to see beautiful images of lovemaking whether cloaked in lingerie or tight jeans, any color skin, any sex, in nature, in water, in a dark room. Any. And I found it- and as I was looking at these beautiful bodies turning each other on- I was becoming aroused. 

Both the Sea Horse and the 321 Blastoff were sitting on the couch right next to me. The breeze was coming in through the sliding glass windows from the garden. 

What came next was way too fast. I thought, wow, what if I had a partner, what if I wasn’t trying to write, and just went to bed with one of these toys, thinking I could just lay there and relax and take my time. These are truly special dildos. I don’t just say that. The shape and the material are like no other. They aren’t fancy, but they are gorgeous and easily go to places that are usually hard to access. And they do this easily without being motorized. 

Easy to carry, easy to travel with, easy to clean.  Beyond recommended. The 321- Blastoff and Sea Horse will speak for themselves.

Edie L.



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